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FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT of the conference: COSPAR-2024-E1.9: Spectral/Timing Properties of AGN: Theory and Observations
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2023-10-31 14:54:59
첨부파일 :
 FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT of the conference: COSPAR-2024-E1.9: Spectral/Timing Properties of AGN: Theory and Observations
Dates: A 3-days long event that will take place during the COSPAR 2024 Assembly in Busan, S. Korea (13-21 July, 2024)
Scientific Rationale: AGN are the most luminous, persistent sources in the Universe. They are also among the most variable at all wavebands. Flux and spectral variations are observed on short time scales and hold significant information regarding the physical processes that operate in the immediate vicinity of their central supper-massive black holes. Significant progress has been made in the last few years, both with observations from the current X-ray observatories (like XMM-Newton, NuSTAR, NICER, Swift and AstroSat) and in theoretical advancements in the study of the corona properties and the inner accretion flow. The main aim of this event is to bring together both theorists and observers, and to review the latest advances in this field, including: i) X-ray spectral/timing properties of AGN, ii) X-ray corona properties and modelling, iv) the disc/corona interplay, v) X-ray reflection and disc thermal reverberation, vi) the nature of the 'soft excess', vii) X-ray polarimetric observations of AGN, and viii) the nature of the inner accretion flow in AGN.
Scientific Organizing Committee: P. Arevalo (Valparaiso Uni., Chile), C. Bambi (Fudan Uni., China), E. Costantini (SRON, Netherlands), K. Ebisawa (JAXA, Japan), J. Garcia (Caltech, USA), L. Ho (KIAA, China), E. Kara (MIT, USA), S. Mathur (OSU, USA), H. Noda (Osaka Uni., Japan), M. Paolillo (Napoli Uni., Italy), C. Ricci (UDP, Chile), M. Urry (Yale, USA), J.-H. Woo (Seoul Uni., S. Korea)
Invited Speakers: T. Ananna (Wayne State University, USA), E. Costantini (SRON, the Netherlands), Shane Davis (University of Virginia, USA), Javier Garcia (California Institute of Technology, USA), Misaki Mizumoto (Kyoto University, Japan), C. Panagiotou (MIT Kavli Institute, USA), D. Pasham (MIT Kavli Institute, USA), Claudio Ricci (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile), C. S. Stalin (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, India), F. Ursini (Roma Tre University, Italy), S. Waddell (MPE, Germany), W. Zhang (National Astronomical Observatories, China)
Registration and Abstract Submission are currently open, through the main COSPAR 2024 website ( Note that registration provides access to the entire COSPAR Assembly meeting.  Please note that there will many events on accreting compact objects and on High Energy Astrophysics that will take place during the COSPAR assembly, with three other conferences directly related to AGN science (all the scientific events are listed in the page:
Further information can be found on the COSPAR 2024 main web site (
Important Dates:
Abstract Submission Deadline: 9 February 2024 
Early Registration deadline: 3 May 2024
Best regards,
Gulab Dewangan & Iossif Papadakis
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