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New Deadline for Early-bird Registration for XXXI General Assembly
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2022-03-02 13:53:49
첨부파일 :

천문학회 회원께,


코로나19에 따른해외 여행의 어려움을 감안하여 IAUGA2022 early-bird 등록 마감일이 3 28일로 연장되었습니다.


조기등록 마감과 초록 제출 마감이 거의 동시에 진행되어 3월 말에 조직위와 PCO의 업무가 과중하게 될 것으로 예상됩니다.

국내 참가자는 가능한 3 15일까지 등록 및 초록제출을 완료해 주시기 바랍니다.




천문학회장,IAUGA2022 조직위원회 드림



New Deadline forEarly-bird Registration for XXXI General Assembly


The deadline for early-birdregistration for the XXXI IAU GeneralAssembly (IAUGA2022) has been extended to 28 March 2022, in light ofthe current status of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event isscheduled to take place on 211 August 2022 in Busan, SouthKorea, and is currently planned to go ahead as a hybrid meeting.


However, if the meeting needs to be changed to a fullyvirtual format as a result of travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 in thecoming months, in-person registrants will be fully refunded. In that case, theywill be able to register again by paying the virtual registration fees.


Information on entry requirements and COVID-19-relatedrestrictions in Korea can be found on the VISA page. More detailsabout registration and the event in general can be found on the FAQ page.


Please note that the first two weeks of August are thebusiest holiday period in South Korea. In-person attendees are thereforestrongly advised to reserve their accommodations as soon as possible.


Important Dates (all 23:59 in Korean Standard Time)

      KASgrant application hasended:                       28February 2022

      Early-bird registrationends:                           28March 2022

      Regularabstract submissionends:                     31March 2022

      IAUgrant applicationends:                                31March 2022

      RegularRegistrationends:                                 31May 2022

      Abstractsubmission for e-talks/e-posters ends:   31 May 2022

      Registrationcan be changed from
in-person to virtual (andvice-versa):                   until30 June 2022

      LateRegistrationends:                                      11August 2022


Invited Discourse Speakers

      KlausPontoppidan (Space Telescope Science Institute, USA): Early science with the James Webb Space Telescope

      SherrySuyu (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics /Technical University of Munich,Germany): The Hubble Tension

      HiroyukiMaehara (National Astronomical Observatory, Japan): Superflares and super coronal mass ejections on solar-type stars


Public Lecturers

      ShepDoeleman (Center for Astrophysics, USA): Imaging aSupermassive Black Hole

      BrianSchmidt (Australian National University, Australia): The State of the Universe



      FAQ page:

      VISA page:

      COVID19 Updates




Hyesung Kang

IAUGA2022 National Organizing Committee

Tel: +82-42-865-3395


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