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The 5th Korea-Mexico Joint Workshop
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2011-03-28 10:39
첨부파일 :
The 5th Korea-Mexico Joint Workshop April 20-22, 2011 National Youth Space Center The workshop series was started to activate collaborations between Korean and Mexican astronomers. There have been four workshops so far. The first two workshops were held in Ensenada in 2002, and in Seoul in 2004. The third meeting was held in Mexico city in November 2005, with a title, "Telescopes of the Future and San Pedro Martir." The year 2005 was the 100th anniversary of Korean immigration to Mexico. The last meeting was held in Daejeon in 2007. It was a full three-day meeting with quite many students. The regular participants of the workshop series may remember the first workshop. At that time they had morning "presentation" sessions and after "discussion" or "collaboration" sessions. This format seems to be more effective for collaborations and friendship. They wanted to have this format at the 5th workshop. Fortunately, Dr. Seung Soo Hong, the director of the National Youth Space Center (NYSC), hosted our workshop at the center. The center is located at the South Sea of the Korean peninsula. Participants would certainly enjoy the cozy atmosphere of Gohung area, and the sea food there, as they did in Ensenada. The aim of this workshop is again to bring together the astronomers from Mexico and Korea. The workshop will serve to generate active collaborations among the participants from the two countries. The main focus will be given to the interstellar medium in the Milky Way. Topics will include low- and high-mass star formation, interstellar turbulence, supernova remnants, large-scale structures in the Galactic gaseous disk, interstellar clouds, and cosmic rays. Any Korean and Mexican astronomers and their friends from other countries are welcome to enjoy the cozy, friendly atmosphere of this workshop. If you want to take part in the workshop, please visit the "registration" page of the workshop website and send registration information (name, affiliation, check-in/out dates, and presentation title) to Jongsoo Kim,
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