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[EAYAM2011] First Announcement
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2010-08-03 10:30
첨부파일 :
Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce that East Asia Young Astronomers Meeting 2011 (EAYAM 2011) will be held in Jeju, Korea, during Feb. 13-18, 2011. Since EAYAM 2003 was held in Taiwan, EAYAM 2006 and EAYAM 2008 were also held in Japan and China, respectively. They were great success. Through the meetings, many young astronomers in East Asia could make good interaction and many collaborations. We believe that the relation will be lasted continuously. Hoping to make the opportunity to make good relations among East Asian Young Astronomers in succession, EAYAM 2011 has been planned to be held in Korea in 2011. This meeting is organized by Korean young astronomers with being supported by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI). The topic in this meeting is not limited to any specific field. Postdocs and graduate students are encouraged to participate. The registration fee, meals and accommodations during the meeting will be fully supported. The number of participants can be limited to about 20 per each country, depending on our budget, by decision of Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC). The deadline of the abstract submission is Oct. 8, 2010. You can register and submit an abstract via next website: . At the moment, we consider to ask every participant to give both of two types (oral and poster) of presentation. If we decide it more concretely, we will inform you in next announcements. The main purpose of this first announcement is to inform the date and place of EAYAM 2011 to East Asian young astronomers. Further information will be updated in upper website and distributed in next announcement. If you have any question, please feel free to contact to . Thank you very much. Best regards, Induk Lee & Youngsoo Jo (Co-Chairs of Local Organizing Committee) ================================================================== -- Induk Lee Postdoctoral Fellow Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, No.300 Jhongda Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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