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First Announcement of the IGRINS Science Workshop
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2010-05-04 15:28
첨부파일 :
First Announcement of the IGRINS Science Workshop Seoul National University, KOREA August 26-27, 2010 The near infrared spectral range gives us access to regions with heavy obscuration, allowing us to peer into star forming regions and through the galactic disk. The near-IR also contains important diagnostic lines from molecules and atoms. High resolution spectroscopy in the near-infrared can have a significant impact on studies of astrophysical problems on scales from comets to nearby galaxies. New technology is permitting the construction of a generation of spectrometers with improved sensitivity and very significantly improved spectral grasp. These instruments will make near-IR spectroscopy the technique of choice in many exciting areas of astrophysics. This workshop is intended to bring together the potential users of the high-resolution, near-infrared spectrometer IGRINS. IGRINS (the Immersion Grating Infrared Spectrometer) is an echelle spectrometer that can provide an R=40,000 spectrum covering the entire H and K bands in a single exposure. It is being built as part of a collaboration between the University of Texas (UT), the Korea Astronomy and Space Institute (KASI), and Kyung Hee University. The instrument is scheduled to see first light in 2012 and begin science operations in 2013. The workshop will cover broad science topics to be explored with IGRINS in Solar system, Stars and Stellar Systems, Star and Planet Formation, Diffuse ISM, and Galaxies. Preliminary list of invited speakers is Sara Beck, Ted Bergin, Anita Cochran, Chris Davis, Dan Jaffe, Sang-Joon Kim, Chris Johns-Krull, John Lacy, David Lambert, Sung Ho Lee, Dae Sik Moon, Tae-Soo Pyo, John Raymond, Alycia Weinberger (This list will be updated regularly; please check the web page periodically for updated information.) We also welcome contributed talks. If you want to present a paper, please let us know the title by the end of June. Additional information and details on Registration can be found at the Meeting web page ( Please note that the maximum number of participants allowed will be around 70. The Scientific and Local Organizing Committees are listed below. Scientific Organizing Committee: Sang-Gak Lee (co-chair), Dan Jaffe (co-chair), Bon-Chul Koo, Sang-Joon Kim, Soojong Pak, In-Soo Yuk, Kee-Tae Kim Local Organizing Committee: Yong-Sun Park (chair), Jeong-Eun Lee, Minho Choi, Jong-Ho Shinn.
이전글 국가기상위성센터 「협력연구기관 지정 및 운영 사업」
다음글 The Fourth East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM 2010)