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[2009 UN BSS & IHY Workshop] First Announcement
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2009-03-12 15:11
첨부파일 :
First Announcement UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshop on Basic Space Science and International Heliophysical Year 2007 hosted by the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Korea (21-25 September 2009, Daejeon, Republic of Korea) Background of the Workshop Since 1990, the United Nations, in cooperation with national and international space-related agencies and organizations, organized annually workshops on basic space science, particularly for the benefit of scientists and engineers from developing nations. Drawing on nearly 15 years of workshops, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, through the United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative (UNBSSI) will assist scientists and engineers from all over the world in participating in the workshop and sharing their visions. At the 12th UN/ESA Workshop on Basic Space Science, held in P.R. China in 2004, it was recommended to focus future workshops on the preparations of International Heliophysical Year (IHY) to be celebrated worldwide in 2007. Since 2005, the workshop has been extended to the IHY 2007 in addition to the existing basic space science domains. The UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshop in Korea (2009) will be the 17th one in BSS and the 5th one in IHY. The UN BSS-IHY workshops have been held in United Arab Emirates (2005), India (2006), Japan (2007), and Bulgaria (2008). This UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshop in Korea has been endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly as part of the 2009 activities of the programme of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. Programme of the Workshop Main topics of the workshop are l Fundamental physics l Astronomy and astrophysics l Solar-terrestrial interactions and its influence on terrestrial climate l Planetary and small bodies in solar system including NEOs (Near Earth Objects) l Origin of life and exo-planet l Observational research activities with small telescopes from ground or space Especially, the workshop will be structured around the following issues: (1) Participation of nations in project development for international heliospheric space missions and supporting low-cost ground-based instrument array initiatives for world-wide studies in space science. The Workshop will continue the work initiated during the first workshop on the International Heliophysical Year 2007 and Basic Space Science in the United Arab Emirates in 2005 (, the second workshop in India in 2006 (, the third workshop in Japan in 2007 (, the forth workshop in Bulgaria in 2008 (, and the fifth workshop in Korea in 2009 ( in taking space science instrumentation, observation, and education to the developing nations of the world. (2) Access to data of the Sun-Earth system from ground-based and space-borne facilities through data archives and virtual observatories. An important feature of the workshop is introducing data bases and relevant software tools that can promote space science activities. There have been enormous number of space missions that have been accumulating large data bases of scientific data. Similarly, long-term data bases are available from ground based observations. These data can be utilized in ways different from originally intended for understanding the heliophysical processes. One of the goals of the workshop is to identify such data bases and make them available to the world community with necessary software tools so that scientists from developing countries can benefit from them. (3) Results from the International Heliophysical Year 2007. The scientific sessions of the Workshop will emphasize on the progress in the development of the basic science of heliophysics and in our understanding of the heliophysical processes that govern the Sun, Earth and heliosphere. Papers are welcome in all disciplines included in IHY's scientific activities: o Solar Physics o Planetary Magnetospheres o Heliosphere and Cosmic Rays o Planetary Ionospheres, Thermospheres and Mesospheres o Climate Studies o Meteors and meteoroids o Space weather modeling Papers are welcomed in all fields mentioned above. During the workshop, additional working group sessions will be held to assess past and develop future activities related to the above topics. Call for Papers Authors should state clearly for which programme topic the paper is intended. Contributions that highlight interdisciplinary issues are particularly encouraged. Poster sessions will be organized for the duration of the workshop. Abstracts of no more than 600 words must be headed by the (i) Title, (ii) Author(s) Name(s), (iii) Institutional Affiliation (s), and (iv) Email Address(s). Abstracts must be submitted through the online submission form at workshop web-site ( If you can?t access on-line material, you may directly fax an abstract copy to the LOC, Fax: +82-42-472-7459. Key Dates for the Workshop l Registration : 1 April 2009 ~ 30 June 2009 l Abstract Submission : 1 April 2009 ~ 31 May 2009 l Application Deadline : 1 May 2009 l Notification for Financial Support : 1 August 2009 l 2nd Announcement : 31 July 2009 l Workshop : 21 ~ 25 September 2009 Venue of the Workshop The workshop will be held at Yusung Riviera Hotel in Daejeon, Korea. Information and Indication of Interest Form Available on the World Wide Web Updated information about the workshop and information material on IHY can be obtained via the World Wide Web at,, and Individuals who wish to receive further information on the International Heliophysical Year and/or wish to indicate their interest to participate in the workshop may use the electronic means available on the above WWW sites. Financial Arrangements Within the limited funds available to the co-sponsors, a number of selected participants from developing countries and countries with economies in transition will be offered financial support to attend the Workshop. Participants who want financial support for the workshop should submit their application form to UN OOSA. Please see the application form at the workshop web-site ( Funded participants will be provided with a round-trip air ticket between their international airport of departure to Daejeon, Korea, and daily subsistence allowance. Any cost associated with en-route expenses or any changes made to the air ticket must be borne by the participants. Foreign participants who need assistance for their hotel accommodation in Daejeon may contact the LOC. Registration Fee There is no registration fee to participate at and contribute to this workshop. Local Organizer of the Workshop Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) Contact 2009 UN BSS & IHY Secretariat 5F, Daehan Bldg., #1018 Dunsan-Dong, Seo-Gu, Daejeon 302-120,Korea Tel.: +82-42-472-7458 Fax: +82-42-472-7459 Email: Web: Language of the Workshop English will be the working language for the workshop. Visa Application If you need an invitation letter for applying VISA, please contact 2009 UN BSS&IHY Workshop Secretariat at If you feel uncomfortable sending personal information through e-mail, please FAX to us at +82-42-472-7459. The following information is needed to issue the invitation letter: - Full Name as appear on Your Passport - Passport Number - Nationality - Institute Name - Job Title - Postal Address - Telephone Number - Gender - Date of Birth - Travel Plan (Your arrival and departure date, your flight information are required.) The same information is necessary for person(s) accompanying with you. We will send you an official invitation letter as soon as possible after receiving your request. Please apply for VISA at the local Korean Embassy/Consulate/Visa Office A.S.A.P.! Please check the following websites of Korean embassy in your country to confirm the paper works necessary to apply for Korean VISA. For more information, please visit the website of Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. ( International Scientific Organizing Committee (ISOC) Al-Naimi, R.H., IRAQ Al-Naimiy, H.M.K., UAE Amory, C., FRANCE Dal Lago, A., BRAZIL Davila, J. USA Georgieva, K., BULGARIA Gopalswamy, N., USA [Co-Chair] Han, W., KOREA [Co-Chair] Hasan, S.S., INDIA Haubold, H.J., AUSTRIA [Co-Chair] Manoharan, P.K., INDIA Matha, A.M., CANADA Matsumoto, T., JAPAN Park, Y.-D., KOREA [Co-Chair] Rabiu, A.B., NIGERIA Wang, C., CHINA Yumoto, K., JAPAN Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Baek, J.-H., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Byun, Y.-I., Yonsei University Chae, J., Seoul National University Cho, K.S., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Han, W., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute [Co-Chair] Kim, C.-H., Chungbuk National University Kim, Y.H., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Lee, J.J., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Moon, Y.-J., Kyunghee University Park, J.-H., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Park, Y.-D., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute [Co-Chair] Yim, H.-S., Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 2009 UN BSS & IHY Workshop Secretariat For further details visit or send an email to 5F, Daehan Bldg., #1018 Dunsan-Dong, Seo-Gu, Daejeon 302-120, Korea Tel.: +82-42-472-7458 Fax: +82-42-472-7459 . ========================================= Yeon-Han Kim Ph.D. Solar and Space Weather Group Space Science Division Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute TEL : +82-42-865-3209 FAX : +82-42-861-5610 =========================================
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