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Gemini Fast Turnaround Deadline: July 31, 2021
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2021-07-22 14:07:12
첨부파일 :

Dear (Potential) Fast Turnaround Users,


Gemini North and South are accepting FT proposals and the deadline is at 23:59 Hawaiian Standard Time on July 31, 2021


As a reminder, we are now using a Dual Anonymous Review Process (DARP).

The detailed guidelines can be found on the FT web pages and also in the Call for Proposals. 


The FT program has been used to conduct pilot studies or stand-alone science projects, complete data sets, and follow up newly-discovered objects, although we welcome proposals for any kind of project with scientific value.

In the previous cycle (June 2021), we received 17 proposals and 11 of them were awarded time. 

Please note that specific Fast Turnaround proposal templates are REQUIRED for FT proposals. They can be found here:  The 2021B PIT must also be used.

For more details about the FT program including the latest Call for Proposals, please visit the FT web page ( and the FT News page (


Please don't hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions.



Best regards,

Gemini Fast Turnaround Support Team

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